The VES Handbook of Virtual Productions

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By Susan Zwerman, VES

Jeffrey A Okun, VES

Copyright 2024

The VES Handbook of Virtual Production is a comprehensive guide to everything about virtual production available today – from pre-production to digital character creation, building a stage, choosing LED panels, setting up Volume Control, in-camera compositing of live action and CG elements, Virtual Art Departments, Virtual Previs and scouting, best practices and much more.

Current and forward-looking, this book covers everything one may need to know to execute a successful virtual production project – including when it is best to use virtual production and when it is not. More than 80 industry leaders in all fields of virtual production share their knowledge, experiences, techniques, and best practices. The text also features charts, technical drawings, color images, and an extensive glossary of virtual production terms.

The VES Handbook of Virtual Production is a vital resource for anyone wishing to gain essential knowledge in all aspects of virtual production. This is a must-have book for both aspiring and veteran professionals. It has been carefully compiled by the editors of The VES Handbook of Visual Effects.


Additional Info

ISBN 9781032432649
454 Pages 172 Color Illustrations
Published October 31, 2023 by Focal Press


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