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The project VITTORIO STORARO ON BERNARDO BERTOLUCCI’S Films was launched by Vittorio during the months of lockdown necessitated by COVID-10 in 2020, and gradually saw the present volume take shape. The book recounts the 25 years spent with Bernardo on the various film sets and the further 25 years of reprints, transcriptions, restorations and the initial preservation of the 10 films made together: Before the Revolution (Storaro as Assistant Cameraman), Spider’s Stragem, The Conformist, Last Tango in Paris, 1900- Part 1 and part 2, Luna, The Last Emperor, The Sheltering Sky and Little Buddha.

"STORARO art, in collaboration with Rizzoli, continues the publishing project "STORARO: WRITING WITH LIGHT" with the fourth volume entitled "The MUSES". Vittorio Storaro, one of the great authors of Cinematography of all time, continues to express his very personal philosophical and visual interpretation of the Image Universe. The Idea of a book dedicated to "Le Muse" comes from the desire to recognize the sensations, sweetly fascinating of the CREATIVE INSPIRATIONS, that both Plato and Hesiod loved to identify as sweet winged maidens who represented the various "ARTS" known in their time: the Legend, the Tragedy, the Dance, the Eloquence, the Fame, the Poetry, the Music, the Comedy, the Metaphysics ... Storaro has the courage in this book, to recognize and present a new Muse, dedicated to Imagination, she who, like Tenth: "The Cinema", feeds on the first nine sisters.

AC Mag July 2020

An Interview With Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC

Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC, well known for his work on The Conformist, Apocalypse Now, Reds and The Last Emperor — and many others — shares his recollections of collaborating with a host of great directors.

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