September 2022 Issue of American Cinematographer

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The September 2022 issue features a special focus on nature and wildlife filmmaking, which includes a report on the award-winning documentary Tigre Gente. Also covered are the production of the Afrofuturist musical Neptune Frost; a profile of Robert Elswit, ASC; a discussion of lens coatings; and a look at the motion-capture technology deployed on the short film Life Rendered.


  • AC explores the rewards and challenges of nature and wildlife filmmaking through conversations with Paul Atkins, ASC; Dereck Joubert; Sophie Darlington; Alastair Fothergill; Jeff Hester; Roger Horrocks; Tania Escobar; Jamie McPherson; and others. Topics include the recent advances in specialized-cinematography equipment that have made a critical difference in the field.


  • Cinematographer Edward Roqueta, director Elizabeth Unger and others discuss their work on the award-winning documentary Tigre Gente, about the illegal international jaguar trade.


  • Neptune Frost co-directors Anisia Uzeyman and Saul Williams detail their approach to the independent production, which was shot in Rwanda with Uzeyman at the camera.


  • ASC and Academy Award winner Robert Elswit, ASC reflects on his career and some of the collaborations that have shaped it.


  • Shot Craft: A look at lens coatings — vintage and modern — and how they affect the performance of a lens.


  • The Virtual World: Cinematographer Antón Fresco and director Emma Needell discuss the live-action/mocap hybrid short film Life Rendered.


  • Clubhouse News: The latest bulletins from the Society feature an ASC Master Class for Masters on virtual production; the 2022 ASC International Cinematography Summit; and new member Sam McCurdy, ASC, BSC.


  • Wrap Shot: Filmmaker Howard Hall on shooting 3D Imax underwater in the 1990s.

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