October 2022 Issue of American Cinematographer

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The October 2022 issue offers a special focus on horror cinematography — including reports on the features The Invitation, Men and Crimes of the Future, and the television series Yellowjackets; interviews with ASC members behind some of the genre’s iconic images; and tips for creating suspense. Delving into virtual production, the issue reports on the ambitious series 1899. Also featured is a piece on the award-winning short film Shadow Bird (Sonsi).


  • American Horror Story cinematographer Michael Goi, ASC, ISC introduces AC interviews with Autumn Eakin (The Invitation); Rob Hardy, ASC, BSC (Men); and Douglas Koch, CSC (Crimes of the Future) about their recent work in the horror genre.


  • Kim Miles, ASC, CSC, MySC discusses the Showtime survival drama Yellowjackets, on which he alternated episodes with Trevor Forrest. Cinematographer Julie Kirkwood breaks down her approach to the show’s pilot.


  • ASC members Owen Roizman (The Exorcist), Luciano Tovoli (Suspiria), Daniel Pearl (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), Dean Cundey (Halloween, The Thing), Charlie Lieberman (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer), Darius Khondji (Seven), Emmanuel Lubezki (Sleepy Hollow), Anthony Dod Mantle (28 Days Later …) and Sam McCurdy (The Descent) discuss the art of crafting chilling images.


  • The Virtual World: AC takes a virtual tour of the set of the Netflix series 1899, a period mystery-thriller shot by Nikolaus Summerer that employed a custom-built LED volume with rotating stage at Studio Babelsberg in Germany.


  • Shot Craft: Advice on how to create suspense with lighting, composition and camera moves.


  • Short Takes: A look at Shadow Bird (Sonsi), directed and shot by Savita Singh, ISC.


  • In Memoriam: A tribute to Thomas Richmond, ASC.


  • Clubhouse News: The latest bulletins from the Society feature new members Autumn Durald Arkapaw, Wolfgang Held and Blake McClure.


  • Wrap Shot: Mario Tosi, ASC on Carrie.

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