June 2023 Issue of American Cinematographer

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The June 2023 issue presents a special focus on ASC members’ still photography; a salute to the late Owen Roizman, ASC; interviews with ASC members about their favorite gear for still photography; coverage of the feature Flamin’ Hot; a look at testing motion-picture negative with a still camera; and an overview of NeRF modeling.

  • In his column, ASC President Stephen Lighthill reflects on his tenure leading the organization through tumultuous times.


  • AC showcases still photography shot by ASC members, with focuses on places and people.


  • A tribute to the late Owen Roizman, ASC explores his formative years in New York City and how they shaped the fresh eye he brought to Hollywood in the 1970s. A selection of Roizman’s ASC member portraits is highlighted.


  • ASC members Oliver Bokelberg, Mandy Walker, Alice Brooks, Jacek Laskus and James Neihouse discuss their favorite tools and techniques for still photography.


  • Cinematographer Federico Cantini, ADF and first-time feature director Eva Longoria discuss their collaboration on Flamin’ Hot, and Cantini explains how enrolling in an ASC Master Class jump-started his Hollywood career.


  • Shot Craft: Shooting motion-picture negative with a still camera is an economical way to learn how film stock performs — and a practice that is finding new life.


  • The Virtual World: A look at neural radiance fields (NeRF), a technique that creates 3D models and environments for previsualization, LED volumes and other virtual-production applications.


  • Clubhouse News: The latest bulletins from the Society feature new members Maxime Alexandre and Jacques Jouffret; an ASC Master Class in Japan led by Society members Erik Messerschmidt and Bill Bennett; and an Education & Outreach event for students from San Diego State University and UCLA.


  • Wrap Shot: City of God, shot by César Charlone, ABC, SCU.


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