November 2023 Issue of American Cinematographer

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The November 2023 issue presents coverage of El Conde, The Continental and The Creator; a look at the custom technologies developed for the Sphere in Las Vegas; and a special focus on remote production and networking that details the large-scale remote-lighting setup used on Oppenheimer.


  • President’s Desk: ASC President Shelly Johnson reflects on cinematographers’ ability to find the storytelling potential in new technologies.


  • Ed Lachman, ASC and director Pablo Larrain discuss making El Conde, a black-and-white political satire that presents notorious Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet as a vampire.


  • Co-cinematographers Peter Deming, ASC and Pal Ulvik Rokseth, director Albert Hughes, and colorist Maxine Gervais explain their approach to the John Wick streaming series The Continental.


  • AC goes behind the scenes on the creation of the immersive entertainment venue Sphere in Las Vegas — including the design and implementation of the Big Sky camera — offering perspectives from cinematographer Andrew Shulkind and technologist Deanan DaSilva.


  • Cinematographers Greig Fraser, ASC, ACS and Oren Soffer, and director Gareth Edwards, break down their unconventional approach to the sci-fi film The Creator.


  • The VFX Perspective: Visual-effects supervisor Jay Cooper explains how a global team of VFX artists realized Gareth Edwards’ unusual vision for The Creator.


  • Tech Focus: Lighting-console programmer Noah B. Shain details the extensive remote-lighting setup he developed for Oppenheimer.


  • Clubhouse News: The latest bulletins from the Society feature new members Vance Burberry, ASC, ACS and Chung-hoon Chung, ASC; a Master Class for Masters on HDR; the inaugural ASC Film Heritage Series presentation; optics and camera demonstrations by Arri; a memoir by ASC associate Andy Romanoff; Sony’s Burano camera demo; and the second ASC Murphy Social.  


  • Wrap Shot: Bram Stoker’s Dracula, shot by Michael Ballhaus, ASC, BVK and directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

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