2021/ 04 — April Issue of American Cinematographer

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The April issue offers a special focus on lighting, with a piece on art that inspires and another on the lighting of WandaVision. We also present a look at a live-comedy shoot, a feature shot and released during the pandemic, and a cinematographer-director partnership — as well as a guide to lens testing and a report on the Society’s Future Practices Committee. See our full slate below:


  • Society members Michael Goi, Ed Lachman, Natasha Braier and Kramer Morgenthau reveal the artists and works of art that have inspired their lighting and creative choices.


  • Jess Hall, ASC, BSC and director Matt Shakman discuss their homage to classic-sitcom lighting for WandaVision.


  • John Simmons, ASC on the Kevin Hart special he shot amid Covid protocols.


  • Marcell Rév, HCA on Malcolm & Marie, captured in black-and-white — and early in lockdown.


  • ASC President Stephen Lighthill and ASC Future Practices Committee co-chair and Society member Amelia Vincent offer their thoughts in AC’s report on the committee’s addressing of Covid-era challenges.


  • Picture Partners: Joe “Jody” Williams and Craig Brewer on their collaboration that began on Empire and led to Coming 2 America.


  • Shot Craft: “Generic” lens testing — a step-by-step guide.


  • New Products and Services: Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC and daughter Francesca on their new line of LED fixtures, The Muses of Light.


  • World View: A map of upcoming industry events and international news.


  • In Memoriam: AC honors the memory of Society members Gerald Feil and Giuseppe Rotunno.


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