April 2024 Issue of American Cinematographer

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The April 2024 issue presents a special focus on camera movement, featuring coverage of Shōgun, Echo and The Promised Land. Also explored are Masters of the Air, Perfect Days and Anselm.

  • President’s Desk: ASC President Shelly Johnson recalls the challenges of filming a horse race in the Moroccan desert for Hidalgo.

  • Cinematographers Sam McCurdy, ASC, BSC; Christopher Ross, BSC; Marc Laliberté, CSC; and Aril Wretblad, FSF discuss capturing intimacy and spectacle for the FX miniseries Shōgun.


  • Cinematographers Richard Rutkowski, ASC and Jac Fitzgerald, and directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, break down aerial and earthbound strategies they employed on the World War II miniseries Masters of the Air — and Phil Galler of Lux Machina discusses the design and deployment of the Apple TV Plus production’s two ICVFX LED-wall stages.

  • Cinematographer Franz Lustig and director Wim Wenders — collaborators for more than 20 years — share how they approached the disparate features Perfect Days and Anselm.

  • Directors of photography Kira Kelly, ASC and Magdalena Górka, ASC, PSC detail their work on the action-packed Marvel miniseries Echo.

  • Shot Craft: A look at the array of tools cinematographers use to move the camera — and reasons you might choose one over another.

  • Global Village: Cinematographer Rasmus Videbæk, DFF explains the importance of landscape in The Promised Land, directed by Nikolaj Arcel.

  • In Memoriam: Ken Kelsch, ASC, including an appreciation by longtime collaborator Abel Ferrara.

  • Clubhouse News: The latest bulletins from the Society feature the 38th Annual ASC Awards; new Society members Scott Cunningham and Ben Kutchins; the inaugural ASC Award for Cinematography at the SBIFF; BSC Lifetime Achievement honoree Anthony Richmond, ASC, BSC; AFC Award winner Denis Lenoir, ASC, AFC, ASK; Camerimage 2024 honoree Ed Lachman, ASC; and the Canon Creative Studio at Sundance 2024.


  • Wrap Shot: Shōgun (1980), shot by Andrew Laszlo, ASC.

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