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An amazing deal! Get a one year digital subscription to American Cinematographer AND the digital version of Selected Tables, Charts and Formulas for the Student Cinematographer book. The perfect reference tools for any budding cinematographer at a price that any student can afford. The perfect reference tools for any budding cinematographer at a price that any student can afford.


American Cinematographer has partnered with NXTbook to deliver your American Cinematographer subscription directly to your laptop or desktop computer. You receive your issue at the same time the issues go out to the newsstands, and your electronic issue will be identical to the print version — with all the advantages of being digital.


Newly revised and updated Third Edition
Edited by Stephen H. Burum, ASC
New to this edition is a chapter on the basics of lighting from a classic article written by Arthur Miller, ASC (who won the Oscar for How Green Was My Valley, The Song of Bernadette and Anna and the King of Siam) for the American Cinematographer magazine in 1966.
From its basic chapter on cinematographic principles to the actual tables, charts and formulas used by professional cinematographers, this slim volume gives the film student authoritative facts, clearly presented.
The American Cinematographer Manual is a professional resource that is used by cinematographers around the world. Conceived by Hollywood feature-film cinematographers over 70 years ago, the manual is designed to be a complete reference source on the set. It covers every aspect of cinematography from lens to lab. The current edition encompasses more than 880 pages.
Over the last decade, many schools and universities have introduced courses in filmmaking, and interest in the art and craft of cinematography has grown. We have endeavored to meet this burgeoning interest with this book, which was designed with a student budget in mind.
Selected Tables, Charts and Formulas for the Student Cinematographer comprises subjects from the American Cinematographer Manual that are most relevant and helpful to the student. This material reflects the basic concepts of the craft. Key areas have been carefully chosen that will enlighten and inform. Look closely, and you will find a great deal of useful information embedded in the charts and tables.

Frequently asked questions

Do you ship ASC Store products internationally?

Yes, we offer competitive prices on international shipping.

Can I sample the digital edition of American Cinematographer to see if I like it?

If you subscribe to the print edition you already have free access to the digital edition — you just need to activate your online account. To do that you will need your Subscriber ID number, which is printed on the mailing label attached to the plastic wrap on your magazine. If you cannot locate this number, please contact us for assistance at, or call toll-free in U.S. at (800) 448-0145 or at (323) 969-4333. Once you have your Subscriber ID number, click here to activate your online account.

What are the differences between the print and digital editions of American Cinematographer?

All print subscriptions include free access to the digital edition. If you live outside the United States, the digital edition will reach you faster and cost less (because you won’t have to pay international postage); a link for downloading the issue is e-mailed to you during the first week of the month.

I can’t find American Cinematographer for sale in my area. Can you help?

AC is only available on a limited number of newsstands. If you cannot find AC near you, please e-mail and include your name and full mailing address (including street address). We will try to locate a nearby vendor. Otherwise, subscribing is your best option, and you can always buy single issues from the ASC Store.

I subscribe to American Cinematographer and did not receive the latest issue. How can I get a replacement copy?

Please call our Circulation Department during business hours 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM (PST), Monday- Friday at (323) 969-4333 or toll-free in the U.S. at (800) 448-0145, e-mail, or fax (323) 876-4973.

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