AC Manual — 10th Ed. (2-volume paperback)

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Edited by Michael Goi, ASC

Known as "The Filmmaker's Bible" for several generations, the American Cinematographer Manual is one of the world's most widely used cinema reference books. This new 10th Edition, edited by Michael Goi, ASC, is more comprehensive than ever in that it includes some aspects of digital capture for the first time.

The AC Manual is available in a hardcover edition, as a two-volume paperback edition and as an E-book.

NOTE: Your purchase includes complimentary access to Digital edition via Nxtbook and E-book edition. Within a few days of your purchase, you will receive an email with login information to access the digital download.

The 10th Edition covers such subjects as:

    • Digital concepts and terminology

    • Prosumer cameras in professional use

    • Previsualization

    • 3-D imaging

    • LED lighting fixtures

    • How to improve your workflow with the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES)

  • Digital camera prep
    • Low-cost options for digital cinematography

    • Comparisons of film formats

    • Anamorphic cinematography

    • Exposure meters, lenses,
      cameras & camera-support systems

    • Camera-stabilizing systems

    • Previsualization

    • Day-for-night, infrared and ultraviolet cinematography

    • Aerial, underwater, Arctic & tropical Cinematography

    • Filming television and computer monitors

    • Digital postproduction

    • The ASC Color Decision List (ASCCDL)

    • Working with the lab: testing emulsions, finding a printer light,
      adjusting printer lights to match sample clips

    • The optical printer

    • Motion-control cinematography

    • Working with greenscreen, bluescreen &
      traveling mattes

    • Miniatures: photography and in-camera compositing

    • Light sources and lighting filters

    • Safety on the set

    • Mobile apps for production

    • More than 100 charts for depth-of-field, field-of-view,
      formulas, film stocks, shutter speeds, T-stop compensation,
      color balancing, etc.

Additional Info
    • Publisher: The ASC Press
      • VOLUME I ISBN # 978-1-4675-6831-9 422 Pages
      • VOLUME II ISBN # 978-1-4675-6832-6 536 Pages

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