2022/ 02 — February Issue of American Cinematographer

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The February 2022 issue presents a special focus on the collaboration between makeup design and cinematography; a profile on the career of Jeff Cronenweth, ASC; coverage of The Matrix Resurrections, Belfast and Cyrano; and more. Here’s a look at this month’s slate.


  • Makeup artists Lois Burwell and Geneva Nash-Morgan discuss their acclaimed work and examine the collaboration between cinematography and makeup design.


  • Co-cinematographers John Toll, ASC and Daniele Massaccesi discuss their collaboration on The Matrix Resurrections, director Lana Wachowski’s fourth installment in The Matrix film series.


  • Jeff Cronenweth, ASC’s looks back at his prolific career — which includes collaborations with David Fincher, Mark Romanek and Aaron Sorkin — and comments on his latest feature, Being the Ricardos.


  • Cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos, BSC, GSC discusses his sixth collaboration with Kenneth Branagh, the semi-autobiographical coming-of-age feature Belfast.


  • Picture Partners presents a Q&A conversation with longtime collaborators cinematographer Seamus McGarvey, ASC, BSC and director Joe Wright about their latest feature project, Cyrano.


  • The Virtual World offers an examination of the virtual production techniques involved in The Matrix Awakens, an interactive companion piece to The Matrix Resurrections, created in collaboration with Lana Wachowski and Epic Games.


  • Shot Craft presents a primer on the fundamentals of exposing film emulsions.


  • Clubhouse News includes the latest bulletins from the Society, spotlighting ASC and American Cinematographer activities at Camerimage; a Sony Venice 2 demo hosted at the Clubhouse; Society members’ participation in an AMPAS virtual-production primer; and the recent publication of ASC member Alar Kivilo’s memoir.


  • Wrap Shot pays tribute to the work of makeup artist Bob Schiffer, shown doing touch-ups on Rita Hayworth during production of the romantic comedy Down to Earth (1947), alongside cinematographer Rudolph Maté, ASC.

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