2021/ 01 — January Issue of American Cinematographer

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The January issue of American Cinematographer marks the debut of our redesigned magazine. Highlights from this inaugural installment include pieces on the future of cinema, inclusive hiring and international productions. Here’s a look at this month’s coverage:


      • Society members John Bailey, Nancy Schreiber and other ASC peers ponder the future of cinema.


      • John Simmons, ASC on inclusive hiring — a call to action.


      • A survey of the current landscape of theatrical exhibition and distribution.


      • Experts assess advances in virtual production and in-camera visual effects.


      • Excerpts from the ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council (MITC) 2020 progress report.


      • Tami Reiker, ASC and director Regina King discuss their collaboration on the feature One Night in Miami.


      • Michal Sobocinski, PSC on shooting The Disciple in India.


      • BSC member Laurie Rose breaks down his approach to Rebecca, shot in the U.K. and France.


      • Shot Craft: The history, concepts and technology behind LED lighting.


      • In Memoriam: AC remembers Michael Chapman, ASC, whose work included Raging Bull, The Fugitive, Taxi Driver and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


    • Wrap Shot: Lawrence Sher, ASC recalls a fond filmmaking experience in the Yukon.


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