2020 / 03 — March Issue of American Cinematographer

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Rising Stars of Cinematography
For this year’s spotlight on emerging talent, AC will profile a selection of “rising star” cinematographers who are doing eye-catching work in feature films, television, music videos and commercials.
(Warner Bros. Television)
Serge Ladouceur, CSC will discuss his work on this dark fantasy series, which follows the Winchester brothers (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) as they hunt and dispatch evil paranormal creatures. Ladouceur has shot more than 300 episodes of the show, which is currently in its 15th and final season on The CW.
2020 Film Independent Spirit Award Nominees: Cinematography
AC showcases the five cinematographers nominated for Film Independent Spirit Awards this year: Todd Banhazl (Hustlers); Jarin Blaschke (The Lighthouse); Natasha Braier, ASC, ADF (Honey Boy); Chananun Chotrungroj (The Third Wife); and Pawel Pogorzelski (Midsommar).
Also in March, Short Takes will feature the documentary short film Kamali, which is set in rural India and follows a young female skateboarder making her way with the help of her single mother. Cinematographer Jake Gabbay will detail his work on the production, which recently won a Golden Frog at Camerimage.


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