2021/ 03 — March Issue of American Cinematographer

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The March issue includes coverage of filmmaking technologies’ accelerated evolution during the pandemic, two cinematographer-director collaborations, and the challenges of shooting a live-music event in the current era. Here’s a look at this month’s slate:


  • Mat Beck, ASC pens an essay on technological adaptations and the importance of staying connected, which introduces a compendium of articles on industry tech pivots in the age of Covid-19.


  • Dariusz Wolski, ASC and director Paul Greengrass on the Western drama News of the World.


  • Newton Thomas Sigel, ASC and directors Joe and Anthony Russo on the indie feature Cherry.


  • Cinematographer Jonathan Furmanski navigates pandemic safety protocols while shooting a Bon Jovi concert special.


  • Shot Craft: Breaking down a script.


  • In Memoriam: Robert F. Liu, ASC.


  • Wrap Shot: A moment during the filming of the 1970 documentary Woodstock.


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