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Yes Watches: Tati Collection
Yes Watches: Tati Collection


List Price: $395.00
Price: $395.00

Product Code: YES_TATI

Watch Finish*:

An all-new, smaller and lower-profile wristwatch optimized for keeping track of the sun and moon: the Tati. The fully digital face allows for a smaller watch with an attractive oval shape, accented with a sapphire crystal. The embracing cuff leather band and a smoothly profiled case makes it a very comfortable wear for even the smallest of wrists. The redesigned LCD watch face is more readable, and maintains all the features you except from Yes watches. It provides the exact minute the sun and moon will rise and set — and it can be set for any location in the world. A valuable tool on the set, it can help determine the best time for the hot shimmering horizon, can warn you when it is almost sunrise or sunset and will predict the sun's schedule in advance. It is the ultimate time tool for anybody whose job is to master the light.

Features include:

  • Hours, minutes and seconds in AM/PM or 2400 format
  • 24 hour digital flashing hand, noon on top, midnight on bottom
  • Month date and day, year, day of year and week number
  • Times for sunrise, solar high noon and sunset
  • Moonrise, moonset and times for next new and full moons
  • Moon phase and percentage lunar illumination
  • Waxing or waning moon indication
  • Equinox, solstice and cross-quarter alerts
  • Sunrise and sunset alarms half an hour before and at the event
  • Past and future date calculator for all sun and moon data
  • Time data capability for the years 2000-2099
  • Regular set alarm with 10 minute snooze
  • Stopwatch with lap time
  • 90 minute timer with alarm
  • 9999 day countdown and count-up for set event date with alarm
  • Pre-programmed for 583 cities worldwide
  • Location can be set by latitude and longitude
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time worldwide
  • DST can be manually over-ridden
  • Tangerine back light
  • CR 3025 lithium, 18 month expected battery life
  • Plus/minus 5 seconds monthly accuracy

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