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Yes Watches: Kundalini Collection
Yes Watches: Kundalini Collection


Price: $895.00


Watch Finish*:

Keep track of the sun with this ingenious wristwatch with the updated 4.0 version of the Kundalini watch series. This hybrid analog/digital timepiece provides the exact minute the sun will rise and set — and it can be set for any location in the world. A valuable tool on the set, it can help determine the best time for the hot shimmering horizon, can warn you when it is almost sunrise or sunset and will predict the sun's schedule in advance. It is the ultimate time tool for anybody whose job is to master the light.

It is fully packed with features:

  • Precise time for sunrise and sunset
  • Tracks the exact lunar phase
  • Preprogrammed digital time for 500 cities
  • Locations can be set by longitude and latitude
  • Sunrise and sunset alarm
  • Calculator predicts sunrise and sunset times for future dates
  • Aqua backlight for night viewing
  • One solar hand sweeps every 24 hours
  • LCD meter indicates the seasonal length of days and nights
  • Dot matrix shows hours-minutes-seconds-month-date-day, exact times of sunrise and sunset, and keeps time for two locations simultaneously
  • Rotating bezel for keeping track of your production day
  • Can be used as a compass
  • Swiss Made 24 hour quartz analog movement

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Kundalini Collection:
This style features an elegant design with a rugged titanium watch body and band, a sapphire watch face and a clean and simple symbol-based rotating bezel.

Titanium Finish
(Satin or Mirror Polish)

Rugged titanium body and band with a sapphire watch crystal.


Duo Finish Black Titanium
Rugged black titanium body and band featuring a duo satin/polished finish, with a sapphire watch crystal.