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Tiffen DV Filter Set: Video Essentials Kit
Tiffen DV Filter Set: Video Essentials Kit


List Price: $79.00
Price: $79.00

Product Code: TIFFENVEKIT1

DV Set Filter Format*:

The essential video filter set for quality DV image capture.

This basic kit comes with a durable Tiffen carrying case. Available now in 4x4, and coming soon in circular screw-on sizes.

Clear (f-stop 0)
Optical flat clear glass that protects your valuable video lens from dirt, grime, and front element damage. A great insurance investment for your lens with no color or exposure change to your subject matter.

Circular Polarizer (f-stop 2)
Increases color saturation, providing "deep blue" skies on sunny days with enhanced "cloud contrast." Reduces reflection and glare from glass, water, and non-metallic subject matter. Reduces bright light exposure by up to 2 f-stops.

Warm UV 17 (f-stop 1/3)
Removes 97% of ultraviolet light from the atmosphere that causes "cool blue" tones to your outdoor scenes. Also warms excess blue as found in outdoor open shade, reduces excess blue from video lights and warms skintones for a healthy look.

Prices start at $79 for 58mm sets