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The MK350S
The MK350S

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The ikan MK350S Advanced Spectrometer is designed for measuring the quality of LED lights while out in the field. It is able to provide highly accurate readings of the light and display information on CCT, CRI, lux, and foot candles quickly and easily. The MK350S also has a compare mode for side-by-side viewing of information from two different light sources. This is useful for matching lighting for a shoot for getting the best images possible.
All settings and readings can be changed and viewed on a 4.3" color LCD touch screen. Another feature is a 2 MP camera for seeing what you are aiming at and changing settings accordingly while taking measurements. This helps for taking automatic continuous measurements of a scene. There is also a built-in file browser for going through the measurements that have been saved to an SD card.
The MK350S features a variety of different modes for checking the quality of light. It has a wide range of standards, including CIE 1931, CIE 1976, CRI, and others for confirming specifications and comparing lights. There is a tripod mounting bracket included for more precise metering setups and the spectrometer comes with a variety of accessories and a hard carrying case.
Display Modes
The meter displays readings in multiple modes:
Basic: Displays a numerical readout of color temperature, CRI, Lux, and the peak or brightest wavelength in the light
Spectrum: Provides a graphic display of the wavelengths of the light you are measuring
CIE 1931: Graphically displays the measurement of the light on a CIE 1931 scale
CIE 1976: Graphically displays the measurement of the light on a CIE 1976 scale
Color Rendering Index Mode: Displays the CRI measurement of the light
Lux Image Distribution Mode: Shows how the light disperses light
Measurement Log Mode: Displays a record of previous measurements
CCT BIN Chart Mode: Shows a chart of the measurement of light is relation to the CCT BIN readings Quality Control Checker Mode: Useful for checking lights to a set standard
Measurement Comparison Mode: Compare two different lights
Data Browser Mode: Go through historical data and saved readings
4.3" color LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels
Meters in single shot or continuous modes
Measurement range of about 20 to 70,000 lux
Compare modes allows you to easily view measurements from two different lights side-by-side by using saved data
Built-in file browser for reading data from saved files
Aim and click recording through the use of live view via a 2 MP camera
Illumination distribution charts
BIN ranking features allow for speedy CIE 1931 inspection and confirmation of LED quality
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides about 4 hours of use
Takes SD cards and can transfer to a computer over USB 2.0
In The Box
ikan MK350S Advanced Spectrometer
• Hard Case
• Protective Bag
• Li-Ion Battery
• USB Cable
• AC Power Adapter
• Screen Cleaning Cloth
• Strap
• Neck Strap
• Tripod / Stand Bracket
• Limited 1-Year Warranty Extendable to 2 Years with Online Registration