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Beginning Film & Video Making: Camera & Lenses
Beginning Film & Video Making: Camera & Lenses

List Price: $139.00
Price: $139.00

Product Code: F1142DVD

This program focuses on cameras and lenses, aimed toward the beginning film and videomaker. Featuring a "film crew" shooting at a miniature golf course and a go cart track, this program teaches students each step & concept of the filmmaking process in a visual manner. Samples such as how the dolly shot and zoom shot are executed and how they look on camera are valuable materials for student learning.

Comes complete with study guide.

Program Contents:

  • The film camera gate: claw, aperture, aperture plate, pressure plate
  • The film transport mechanism
  • Methods of setting focus: zooming & physically measuring the distance
  • Focussing the diopter
  • Prime lenses & zoom lenses
  • Focal length (wide, normal, telephoto)
  • Depth of field
  • Camera/subject distance influence on depth of field
  • Perspective
  • Choice of focal length/camera to subject distance
  • Space
  • Techniques of zooming & dollying
  • Techniques of crane, booming & tilting
  • Techniques of panning & tracking
  • Aperture & iris opening
  • F/stops

14 minute DVD and Study Guide