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The Virtual Bolex 2.0 16mm Camera Tutorial (CD-ROM)
The Virtual Bolex 2.0 16mm Camera Tutorial (CD-ROM)

List Price: $69.95
Price: $69.95

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Produced by Robert F. Arnold, Associate Professor of Film, Boston University

An Interactive Guide for Beginning Film Students & for those New to the Bolex

The Virtual Bolex is an interactive tutorial and reference guide for the 16mm Bolex reflex movie camera, commonly used in beginning filmmaking classes at many universities. The tutorial is designed to permit students to get virtual hands-on practice with the camera, to become familiar with the film loading procedure, controls for setting frame-rate, exposure, focus, before and in-between the limited time they may have access to the camera for actual shooting.

Once the student becomes familiar with the camera, the reference material supplants the limited Bolex camera manual and reference works that cover this camera in detail. Additional information includes using the Variable Shutter to control exposure, in-camera special effects, prime and zoom lenses, filters for color and black and white film and more. According to Sam Kauffmann, film professor at Boston University and author of the most popular book on Avid editing, "The Virtual Bolex is like having the camera and the instructor right there in front of you."


  • Bolex Anatomy
  • Camera Controls
  • Lenses & Filters
  • Loading Tutorial

Product is a CD-ROM
For Mac, OSX and Windows.