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Digital Moviemaking 3.0
Digital Moviemaking 3.0

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By Scott Billups

If you want warm and fuzzy advice on making it in Hollywood, this ain't the book for you. This is a "take no prisoners" book written by a real inside Hollywood professional that will help you get your
work done and get it seen by the public. The third edition of Digital Moviemaking breaks through all the marketing hype and media clutter and gives you the tools you need to be successful. Passion isn't enough. Talent isn't enough. DM 3.0 gives you the huge jump start to a successful career by
providing state-of-the-art technical and marketing tips from a true Hollywood insider. All the information in this revised up-to-date book comes from copious testing, and real Hollywood "war stories" from an industry that rewards only one thing — results — Billups shares his experience gleened from 35 years of producing results.
"No BS here! Scott Billups lays out the game of digital filmmaking plain and simple. And he's
got a sardonic wit that makes it a kick to read."
- Mario Van Peebles, Writer, Director, Actor
"Scott Billups is one of the pioneers who macheted a path through the wilderness of digital
filmmaking. There is no better guide for the journey"
- Paula Parisi, Vice President & Executive Editor, The Hollywood Reporter
"If you are entering into the new world of digital filmmaking and you want to know everything
about everything, read this book by Scott Billups. You'll be sorry if you don't"
- David Lynch, Director
"Scott Billups is the first guy I turn to for the latest in what's going on in digital moviemaking.
This is the bible for all digital filmmakers, packed with valuable information for the first-time
filmmaker as well as for the most sophisticated of the digerati."
- Randal Kleiser, Director Grease, The Blue Lagoon, Big Top Pee-wee
Since the last edition of this book, Scott Bilups has shot seven motion pictures; four of them
digitally. All have been sold, gone into distribution, and made money. Billups has also worked on
more than a dozen award winning shows for Discovery Channel, History Channel and HBO and
contributed to both of this year's non-fiction, Prime-Time Emmy® winners.
Author and well-known Hollywood producer Scott Billups provides a gold mine of technical information as well as down-to-earth, easy-to-understand, practical knowledge about digital moviemaking.

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    • Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
    • Page Count: 216
    • ISBN#: 1932907378