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Digital Cinema
Digital Cinema

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Price: $27.95



Thom Taylor & Melinda Hsu

This book explains how cutting-edge technology and the age-old desire to tell a story have come together in the form of Digital Cinema. Informative and hip, this book addresses the needs of independent filmmakers while also offering a perspective from the agents, producers, distributors, studios, and financiers on the business side of the art. Throughout, filmmakers' experiences and insights provide demonstrate how digital video will evolve into the cinematic medium of the future.

About the Authors:
Thom Taylor is the author of The Big Deal: Hollywood's Million-Dollar Spec Script Market and a veteran entertainment journalist.

Melinda Hsu is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked as a story analyst for producers, agents, and writers nationwide. This husband and wife team live in Los Angeles.

Additional Info
    • Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
    • Page Count: 235
    • ISBN#: 0-941188-81-7