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2002 / 03 — March Issue of American Cinematographer
2002 / 03 — March Issue of American Cinematographer

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Panic Room
  • Home Invasion, Conrad W. Hall Helps David Fincher Push The Audience's Buttons with Panic Room.
  • The Man Behind The Mask, John Toll, ASC Plots Out a Key Sequence From Vanilla Sky.
  • Illuminating a Dark Deed, Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC Reconstructs The Murder Scene From The Man Who Wasn't there.
  • Hot on The Trail, Jonathan West, ASC and Michael Barrett Discuss their Work on C.S.I..
  • Lighting a Fast Track, Steve Mason, ASC, Acs Augments a High-Tech Rink In Rollerball.
  • Bringing Time to a Standstill, Tim Suhrstedt, ASC Captures a Frozen Moment In Clockerstoppers.
  • A Versatile Legacy, Douglas Slocombe, BSC Recalls His Illustrious Career. Production Slate: "The Believer", "Stolen Summer".