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2001 / 03 — March Issue of American Cinematographer
2001 / 03 — March Issue of American Cinematographer

List Price: $25.00
Price: $25.00

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  • Life In The Fast Lane, Blow Tracks a Drug Dealer Through Five Decades.
  • The Frozen Moment, a Still Camera Array Adds Stylish Twists to Swordfish.
  • Women In Love, Aimee and Jaguar Explores an Unconventional Romance.
  • An Enlightening Introduction, Lending a Glow to The Stars of Town and Country.
  • Using Reflectors: a Shortcut to Stylish Lighting, Stephen Burum, ASC offers Some Hands-on Tips.
  • Painting with(Virtual) Light, Experts Discuss The New Art of Digital Illumination.
  • Impeccable British Instincts, Billy Williams, BSC Recounts His Stellar Career. Production Slate: "The Claim