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1997 / 02 — February Issue of American Cinematographer
1997 / 02 — February Issue of American Cinematographer

List Price: $100.00
Price: $100.00

Product Code: 34000

Star Wars Special Edition
  • Inside Panavision, Camera Company Christens New Headquarters.
  • Chasing Greatness, Owen Roizman Is Honored By ASC Peers.
  • George Lucas: Past, Present and Future, AC Visits with Visionary Filmmaker.
  • Saving The Star Wars Saga, Restoration Team Revamps Original Film.
  • An Expanded Universe, ILM Helps George Lucas Augment Sci-Fi Classic.
  • Foul Play In High Places, Absolute Power Reveals State Secrets.
  • Hemingway in Love and War, Epic Film Depicts Authors Romance.
  • The Look of Love, Authentic, Erotic Ambience Heats Kama Sutra.
  • One State Fits All, a Tour of North Carolinas Burgeoning Film Scene.
  • The World on a Shoestring, Around The World in 80 Days Trots Across Globe. Production Slate: "Fools Rush in", "Richard 3",