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1995 / 06 — June Issue of American Cinematographer
1995 / 06 — June Issue of American Cinematographer

List Price: $100.00
Price: $100.00

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Apollo 13
  • Darkness Descends on The X-Files, John Bartley, CSC Crafts Shadowy World
  • Apollo 13 Orbits Cinemas Outer Limits, Filmmakers Recreate NASA Mishap
  • Digital Domain Provides Rocket Fuel for Apollo 13, Special Effects Simulate The Feel of Space
  • ASC, Academy Select Year's Finest Feature Photography, a Roll Call of Honorees, Plus Special Coverage
  • The Cinematographer's Master Workshop Lake Arrowhead 1994, Valuable Lessons From World's Finest Photographers
  • Point, Counterpoint: DVD Formats Proposed, Disc-Based System Called "VHS of The Future"
  • Haiti "Invasion" Seen Through The Eyepiece, an Intrepid Cameraperson Recounts Her Adventure
  • She: Empire of The Imagination, Adventure Spectacle Retains Arcane Charm.