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1994 / 07 — July Issue of American Cinematographer
1994 / 07 — July Issue of American Cinematographer

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The Shadow
  • Mixing Romance and Action In I Love Trouble, Film Employs a Variety of Visual Techniques
  • Shedding Light on The Shadow, Burum Explains a Cinematographer's Other Duties
  • Suture: a Balancing Act In Black and White, Stylish Visuals Lead to Sundance Honors
  • It Could Happen to You If You're Lucky, Deschanel Makes First Foray Into Manhattan
  • ILM Meets The Flintstones, Cutting-Edge Effects Bring Beloved Cartoons to Life
  • CGI on a Shoestring Budget, Adding Visual Panache with Minimal Cash
  • Klushanstev: Russia's Wizard of Fantastika, Part 2 of 2: Eminent Effects Artist Recalls Struggles.