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1993 / 09 — September Issue of American Cinematographer
1993 / 09 — September Issue of American Cinematographer

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In The Line of Fire
  • Perrier Ad Employs Latest Whistles and Bells, Tin Soldiers Get Digital Directive
  • in The Line of Fire an Action Film for Existentialists, Secret Service Agent Vs. Super Assassin
  • off to Work We Go: The Digital Restoration of Snow White, New Technology Restores Luster to Artful Animation
  • Editing Continues to Evolve with Needful Things, Using Electronic Techniques to Enhance Creativity
  • The Hard Road to Hard Target, Hong Kong Director John Woo Hits U.S. with a Bang
  • Reflections: Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, a Master Lesson on Morning Interiors
  • '43 Phantom Found New Formula for Classic Tale, Technicolor Version Tones Down The Horror.