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1993 / 05 — May Issue of American Cinematographer
1993 / 05 — May Issue of American Cinematographer

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a Far off Place
  • Kawasaki's "Kawabunga" Campaign: Seeing Is Believing, New Commercial Turns The Camera Loose
  • "Digital Cinematography: " a Phrase of The Future?, Part 2 of Series Predicts Digital's Camera
  • Two Top Cameraman Trek to a Far off Place, Salomon and Ruiz Anchia Join Forces In Africa
  • NYC Edifice Becomes "Spyscraper" In Voyeuristic Sliver, Zsigmond Bends Conventions of Suspense
  • Oceans of Air: an Environmental Odyssey, Documentary Explores Olympic Parks Splendors
  • On The Air and on The Mark, ASC Awards Acknowledge Television's Best
  • Hitchcock's Mastery Is Beyond Doubt In Shadow, Smalltown Thriller Beats Blue Velvet By 43 Years
  • Digital Video Editing: Expanding Creative Horizons, Part 2 of 3 Delves Further Into Latest Advances
  • Reflections: The Lab, Part 2, More In-Depth Details on Laboratory Film Work.