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1993 / 04 — April Issue of American Cinematographer
1993 / 04 — April Issue of American Cinematographer

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Expanding Digital Domain
  • Miller Lite's Stellar Spot Is "LiteYears" Ahead of Pack, Spacy Ad Exploits Digital Tools
  • Meteor Man: Rock and Hard Place Produce a Hero, Action Comedy Provides Laughs At Safe Altitudes
  • Meteor Man Gets His Digital Wings, Computer Technology Gets Pics Hero off Ground
  • "Digital Cinematography: " a Phrase of The Future?, HighTech Advances Are Changing The Art Form
  • Digital offline Video Editing: Expanding Creative Horizons, First of 3parter on New Machines and Methods
  • Field-Testing The New Breed: Digital Tape Recorders, Comparing and Contrasting The Latest Audio Options
  • Rex Ingram: a Seminal Influence, Unfairly Obscured
  • An Uncompromising Pioneer of Cinema In Profile
  • Equinox: "Twin Bill" with a Twist, , an Intriguing Mix of Symbols and Synchronicity
  • Horizontal Woman Standing Up Adds Color to "A Crisis", AFI Grads Adapt De Maupassant's Tale.