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1992 / 03 — March Issue of American Cinematographer
1992 / 03 — March Issue of American Cinematographer

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Final Analysis
  • From The Gardens of Georgia: Fried Green Tomatoes, Juliette, Georgia Becomes Whistle Stop, Alabama
  • Gabriel Figueroa: Mexico's Master Cinematographer, Legendary Cameraman Crosses Cultural Boundaries
  • Final Analysis: Freudian Suspense, Shot with Style, Cornenweth's Camera Provides Plenty of Thrills
  • At Play in The Field of The Lord At Last, Much-Hailed Novel Hits Screen After 26 Years
  • The Arduous Art of Location Shooting, Using Geography to Enhance Cinematography
  • Adjusting for Northern Exposure, In CBS's Quirky Hit, "Alaska" Is a State of Mind
  • Trials of Life Tracks Sea Lion's Struggle, Camera Crew Captures Killer Whales In Action.