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1988 / 02 — February Issue of American Cinematographer
1988 / 02 — February Issue of American Cinematographer

List Price: $75.00
Price: $75.00

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once Upon a Texas Train
  • Wild Horse, Wild Times, Prairie Roundup Redolent of Other Times
  • White Zombie (1932) Today's Unlikely Classic, Poverty Row Labors, Begats a Monument
  • Once Upon a Texas Train, Television Keeping The Old West Alive
  • Other Space Visited By Earth Star Voyager, Disney's First Sci-Fi Miniseries Is Born
  • Wacky Style for Throw Momma From The Train, Camera Becomes Part of Physical Comedy
  • School Daze Black College Is Background, Film Done In Style for MGM Musical
  • Bikes! Camera! Action!, World's Narrowest, Nonpolluting Dolly
  • Cancelled Max Headroom Leaves Legacy, 30 Frames Per Second, Film Tape Freely Intercut
  • Stock Footage: a Vital Link, Major Part of Film Industry for 70 Years.