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1987 / 10 — October Issue of American Cinematographer
1987 / 10 — October Issue of American Cinematographer

List Price: $75.00
Price: $75.00

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The Whales of Agust
  • Blink, If You Love Me Serio Comic thesis, Low Budget Cannot Deter Imagination
  • Bela Belasz and The Cinematographer's Art, Tireless Advocate of American Technique
  • The Whales of August About The Dignity of Age, Tiny Interiors offers a Challenge
  • Anderson's Whales a Bittersweet Allegory, Inspired By John Ford's Memory
  • Someone to Watch Over Me Love and Terror, Light, Shadow, Smoke and Murder
  • Beyond The 7th Door a Thriller, Canadian Televisions Production
  • Electronic Imagery: Magnatronics for High Tech, Low Cost
  • Video Special Effects for Steps
  • Ernest Goes to Video Editing
  • Video Assist Perils, Properties, Profits.