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1986 / 05 — May Issue of American Cinematographer
1986 / 05 — May Issue of American Cinematographer

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Top Gun
  • Sugarbaby a Color-drenched Love Story, Johanna Heer Dramatizes The Ordinary
  • The Youngest Art Is 90 Years Old, Watching The Movies Grow Up
  • Cinematography on The Wing, Camera Documents Flamingo Flight
  • Flying Hits with Top Gun, Navy's Ace Pilots Star In This one
  • North & South: Book II for Television, Jacques Marquette Films 12hour Saga
  • Rip Van Winkle Joins Faerie Tales, New Horizons for Video Production
  • Special Effects: Robots on Rampage In Shopping Mall
  • Tape to Film: High Definition Transfers to 35mm
  • Camera: Steadicam Do's and Don'ts
  • 3D: theme Park Movie Challenges Cinematographer.