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1985 / 06 — June Issue of American Cinematographer
1985 / 06 — June Issue of American Cinematographer

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  • The Realistic Fantasy of Lost in America, Eric Saarinen Films an Albert Brooks Comedy
  • A Silent Giant: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923), Small Army of Cameramen Record Epic
  • Capturing The Heat of Summerspell, 35,000 Feet of Short Ends Help Make a Film
  • Peterman Photographs Cocoon, Human Element Emphasized In SciFi Drama
  • Into The Deep of Cocoon, of Dolphins and Lighting Beneath The Sea
  • Eerie Effects for Lifeforce, Apogee Helps The Vampire Take Over
  • Rescher + Figueroa = Space, Making a Television Miniseries
  • Special Effects: Futuronics on The Horizon
  • Editing: Computers In The Editing Room
  • Lighting: Lighting for High Production Value Video.