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1983 / 02 — February Issue of American Cinematographer
1983 / 02 — February Issue of American Cinematographer

List Price: $75.00
Price: $75.00

Product Code: 28886

Winds of War
  • Filming The BOC Challenge, Camera Rigs for an Around-The-World Solo Sailboat Race
  • Ballet Robotique, Capturing The Beauty of High Tech Assembly Lines
  • Film to Tape, Part 1: The Flying Spot Scanner and CCD
  • Chan Is Missing, Or How to Make a Successful Feature for $22,315.92
  • Grass: The Making of an Epic, As Told By The Legendary Ernest B. Schoedsack
  • Behind The Scenes on Winds of War, Shooting In Sox Countries for an 18 Hour Miniseries
  • Photographer Effects for Winds of War, Elaborate Miniatures and Meticulous Mattes Made It Possible
  • Film At Epcot: Magic Journeys, Murray Lerner's 3D Film for The Kodak Pavilion, State-of-The-Art 3D, Disney's 65mm 2camera System for Magic Journey's, 3D Cinematography for Magic Journeys, As Seen From Behind The Cameras By DP Paul Ryan, Impressions De France, theatrical Style CircleVision
  • The Photography of Six Weeks, Soft Light, Tight Scheduling & a Little Pink Silk.