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1983 / 01 — January Issue of American Cinematographer
1983 / 01 — January Issue of American Cinematographer

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  • Videotape Storage, How to Make Your Videotapes Last Decades Or Centuries
  • Underwater Video, Shooting Video 80 Feet Beneath The Surface
  • Image Vision Meets Monty Python Live
  • At The Hollywood Bowl, Videotaping a Performance for theatrical Release
  • Inside The Khmer Rouge, Filming Guerilla Warfare In Cambodia
  • The Amazing Blattnerphone, Origins of Magnetic Recording for Film
  • Flying Effects for The Greatest American Hero, Getting High on Ultimatte and Zoptic
  • Steven Spielberg and E.T., How The Strangest Hero of The Year Was Born
  • Production Design for E.T., Creating a Tale of Fantasy In Suburbia
  • The Cinematography of E.T., Shooting a Film In Which Light Is The Star
  • Photographing Gandhi, Billy Williams Comments on The Making of an Epic
  • of Panthers, Wilderness, & Other Technologies, Extraordinary Techniques Used for a Series of Commercials
  • Movies Computes & The Future, More on The Potential of Computer Graphics for Film.