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2014 / 06 — June Issue of American Cinematographer
2014 / 06 — June Issue of American Cinematographer

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Here's look at the June 2014 issue of American Cinematographer magazine, which surveys the season's first wave of summer blockbusters.

Godzilla (Warner Bros.)
Seamus McGarvey ASC, BSC discusses his work on the summer's biggest monster movie, which brings one of cinema's most fearsome behemoths back to the screen to wreak more havoc and destruction. McGarvey discusses how he used the latest tools and techniques to update and enhance the marauding creature's reign of terror.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Sony)
Dan Mindel, ASC was behind the camera on the webslinger's latest adventure, and he explains the challenges he faced on this technically complex movie, in which Spider-Man faces a group of supervillains unleashed by the mysterious company Oscorp.

The Immigrant (Radius/TWC)
Darius Khondji, ASC, AFC analyzes the strategies he applies on this atmospheric period drama set in 1920s New York, where a newly arrived Polish immigrant, Ewa (Marion Cotillard), falls prey to the charms of a ruthless conniver, Bruno (Joaquin Phoenix), who forces her into prostitution. Khondji and director James Gray discuss their collaboration and the specific techniques they used to envision the story's era.

Hannibal (NBC)
James Hawkinson offers an overview of his approach to this chilling and visually stylish television series, which stars Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen as renowned psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who hides his true nature as a vicious serial killer. Hawkinson details the techniques he employs to dramatize Lecter's sly intellectual manipulation of FBI crime profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy).

The June issue's departments also offer illuminating insights:

Short Takes features Random Stop, a dramatic short that tells its story in a single 6 1/2-minute take from the POV of a highway patrol officer who pulls a car over and then finds himself confronted by its belligerent driver. The project's cinematographer, Justin Perkinson, also played the role of the police officer while wearing a specialized helmet rig to capture the first-person POV.

Production Slate features a Q&A with Julio Macat, ASC about working in Africa on the romantic comedy Blended, and an interview with Gyula Pados, HSC about his work on the baseball movie Million Dollar Arm, which was shot partly on location in India.

ASC Close-Up profiles Society member James Chressanthis, whose cinematography credits include the features Hexed and Urban Legend; the television series Nowhere Man and Ghost Whisperer; and the telefilms The Reagans, 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story and The Makeover. He also directed and produced the acclaimed documentary No Subtitles Necessary: Laszlo and Vilmos.