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2013 / 06 — June Issue of American Cinematographer
2013 / 06 — June Issue of American Cinematographer

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The June 2013 issue of American Cinematographer magazine, which offers a mix of summer blockbusters and intriguing indie and foreign movies.

Star Trek Into Darkness
Dan Mindel, ASC reteamed with director J.J. Abrams to shoot this sequel to the their popular and critically acclaimed 2009 sci-fi blockbuster Star Trek. The new adventure follows Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) as he leads the manhunt for a formidable villain (Benedict Cumberbatch) responsible for an attack on the U.S.S. Enterprise.

The Great Gatsby (Warner Bros.)
Simon Duggan, ACS helped visualize this 3-D adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic novel, which captures the opulent prosperity — and ominous business ethics — of Roaring Twenties America prior to the Great Depression. Duggan discusses the film and break down his first collaboration with director Baz Luhrmann.

The Iceman (Millennium Films)
Bobby Bukowski shot this crime drama that spans three decades in the chilling, true-life story of contract killer Richard Kuklinski (Michael Shannon), a notoriously remorseless hit man who dotes on his wife (Winona Ryder) and two daughters. Bukowski discusses the methods he and director Ariel Vromen employed to create period looks for scenes set in the 1960s, 1970s and '80s.

Something in the Air (IFC Films)
Eric Gautier, AFC and director Olivier Assayas crafted this compelling drama about an 18-year-old artist, Gilles (Clément Métayer), who is caught up in the dangerous politics of the student movement that shook France during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The June issue's departments also offer illuminating insights:

  • Short Takes highlights a striking Chevy Volt commercial shot by Eric Koretz, who lit the spot entirely with battery-powered plasma fixtures.

  • Production Slate features a piece about Spring Breakers, which teamed cinematographer Beno"t Debie, AFC with director Harmony Korine, as well as an interview with Sam Levy about his cinematography for the black-and-white comedy Frances Ha, directed by Noah Baumbach.

  • ASC Close-Up profiles Society member Shelly Johnson, whose feature credits include The Wolfman, Jurassic Park III, Captain America: The First Avenger and The Expendables 2.