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2007 / 03 — March Issue of American Cinematographer
2007 / 03 — March Issue of American Cinematographer

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Letters From Iwo Jima
Tom Stern will detail his work with director Clint Eastwood on this WWII battle drama, which serves as a companion piece to their recent feature Flags of Our Fathers. This time around, the Battle of Iwo Jima is retold from the perspective of Japanese soldiers fighting in the shadow of Mount Suribachi. Stern will discuss his unique participation on both projects with interviewer David E. Williams, who covered Flags for our Nov. 2006 issue.

Television cinematography
The job of shooting a hit television show involves a complex array of responsibilities, all of which impact and inform a director of photography's creative approach. In this comprehensive piece, we will discuss the challenges of small-screen cinematography with a number of professionals from top-rated shows: Thomas Del Ruth, ASC (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip), Ross Berryman, ASC, ACS (Ugly Betty), John Aronson (Heroes), Krishna Rao (The Unit), Eagle Egilsson and Charles Mills (CSI: Miami) and Herb Davis (Grey's Anatomy). Each will offer insights into their day-to-day duties on the set.

Distinguished Achievement Award for Television Cinematography
This newly created award will be presented to veteran television cinematographer Donald M. Morgan, ASC at the annual ASC Awards ceremony in February. Our article on Morgan will present a a complete overview of his career, during which he has earned a remarkable series of honors: 5 Emmy Awards and 4 nominations, along with 4 ASC Awards and 2 nominations. Morgan will offer details about working on his most acclaimed telefilms, which include Murder in Mississippi, Dillinger, Geronimo, The Siege at Ruby Ridge, Miss Evers' Boys, For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story, Out of the Ashes and Something the Lord Made. Morgan will also discuss his contributions to several noteworthy theatrical features, including Starman, Christine and Used Cars.

The March issue's departments will also offer illuminating insights:

DVD Playback will review new DVD versions of 1900 (1976), shot by Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC; Bugsy (1991), shot by Allen Daviau, ASC; and Superman I: The Richard Donner Cut (1978/2006), shot by Geoffrey Unsworth, BSC and Robert Paynter.

Production Slate will present pieces on The Lives of Others, a compelling German drama shot by Hagen Bogdanski, and The Situation, an HBO telefilm about the Iraq war shot by Sean Bobbitt.

Points East will offer an interview with cinematographer Matthew F. Leonetti, ASC about his work on Pride, a sports drama about a deetermined man who starts a swim team for troubled teens at the Philadelphia Dept. of Recreation.

Post Focus will offer a piece about Atlab's 4K digital intermediate for the feature film 10 Canoes; coverage of the post work for Night of the Living Dead 3D; and a tour of iO Films' new Hollywood facility.