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2006 / 10 — October Issue of American Cinematographer
2006 / 10 — October Issue of American Cinematographer

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The Departed, Michael Ballhaus, ASC (GoodFellas, Gangs of New York) revisits the gangster genre with longtime collaborator Martin Scorsese in this Stateside remake of the 2002 Hong Kong crime film Infernal Affairs.

All the King's Men, Pawel Edelman, PSC (The Pianist, Ray) was behind the camera on this 1930s drama directed by Steven Zaillian

Marie Antoinette, Lance Acord (Lost in Translation) renewed his collaboration with director Sofia Coppola on this lavishly mounted period piece about the notorious Queen of France, who began her life as a naive Viennese girl before marrying King Louis XVI and ascending to the throne in 1774.

Global Village presents an interview with George Jesse Turner, who served as cinematographer on 49 Up, the latest installment in director Michael Apted's ambitious British documentary project, which has tracked the progress of a group of schoolchildren in a long-running series of films that began in 1964.

DVD Playback reviews a selection of atmospheric classics: Dr. Mabuse, The Gambler (1922), shot by Carl Hoffmann; Mr. Arkadin (1955), shot by Jean Bourgoin; and Seven Samurai (1954), shot by Asakazu Nakai.

Production Slate presents articles on Flyboys, a World War I fighter-pilot drama shot by Henry Braham, and The Science of Sleep, a whimsical French romance photographed by Jean-Louis Bompoint.

Points East presents an interview with cinematographer Eric Gautier, AFC about his work on the independent coming-of-age film A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, which is set primarily in Queens, New York.

Post Focus details a new series of Farmers Insurance ads featuring visual effects by Brickyard VFX; offer a behind-the-scenes look at the recent 4K digital intermediate performed with the da Vinci Resolve system for Ridley Scott's feature A Good Year; and present an overview of Autodesk's Lustre HD digital color-grading system.

Short Takes presents coverage of the Pipettes music video "Pull Shapes," shot by Fred Reed, and the short film The PowderPuff Principle, shot by Masanobu Takayanagi.

Filmmakers' Forum presents a piece about the recent documentary Cinematographer Style, co-written by the film's director, Jon Fauer, and one of the project's corporate sponsors, Arri, Inc. president and CEO Volker Bahnemann.