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2005 / 12 — December Issue of American Cinematographer
2005 / 12 — December Issue of American Cinematographer

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King Kong
  • Beauty and the Beast, Andrew Lesnie, ASC, ACS brings cinema's biggest gorilla back to life in King Kong
  • A Truly Fantastic Wardrobe, Don McAlpine, ASC, ACS adds his magic touch to The Chronicles Of Narinia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
  • Tough Love, Phedon Papamichael, ASC helps dramatize the life of Johnny Cash in Walk The Line
  • Survival in Space, Stephen McNutt, CSC takes HD out of this world on Battlestar Galactica


  • DVD Playback presents reviews of The Innocents (1961), shot by Freddie Francis, BSC; Tetsuo (1988), shot by Kei Fujiwara and Shinya Tsukamoto; and Kitchen Stories (2004), shot by Philip Ƙgaard.
  • Production Slate leads off with a piece about the Disney period drama Casanova, which was shot in Venice, Italy by Oliver Stapleton, BSC. Stapleton will share his thoughts in a Q&A with Bill Taylor, ASC of Illusion Arts, who served as the show's visual-effects supervisor. A second piece on the PBS special Secrets of the Dead, the first documentary to be shot for broadcast in the P2 format, will be penned by the show's cinematographer, Larry Engel.
  • Short Takes presents an interview with digital-lighting expert Paul Debevic, who will discuss The Parthenon Project, his computerized re-creation of the Parthenon via special imaging and lighting techniques.
  • Post Focus explores the latest developments in the realm of virtual lighting.
  • ASC Close-Up features a Q&A with esteemed ASC member Ralph Woolsey.