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2004 / 02 — February Issue of American Cinematographer
2004 / 02 — February Issue of American Cinematographer

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24 (TV Series)
  • Honoring  (Reluctant) Vanguard, Michael Chapman, ASC Earns His peers' Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • On the Clock, Time is of the Essence on the TV Series 24 , Photographed by Rodney Charters, CSC.
  • Under the Knife, Christopher Baffa Shoots Nip/tuck with Surgical Precision
  • Haunted Grounds, David Connell, ACS Lends Macabre Ambience to the horror Miniseries Kingdom Hospital
  • Lighting the World. John Newby, ASC analyzes the use of freely roaming handheld Cameras on Boomtown.
  • Departments
    • Production Slate: A Matchmaker and a Casebreaker.
    • Short Takes: Southern Siblings and a Chinese Irishman.
    • Filmaker's Forum: Breaking Sitcom Rules on Arrested Development.