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2004 / 01 — January Issue of American Cinematographer
2004 / 01 — January Issue of American Cinematographer

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The Last Samurai
  • Envisioning an Empire, ASC Transports Viewers to feudal Japan in The Last Samurai.
  • The Fate of Middle-Earth, ACS Caps the Lord of the Rings trilogy with The Return of the King.
  • A Long Walk Home, John Seale, ASC, ACS, shoots a big-screen Version of the bestselling novel Cold Mountain.
  • Flights of Fancy, Peter Pan allows Donald McAlpine, ASC, ACS to embrace his inner child.
  • Lighting Vermeer. Eduardo Serra, ASC, AFC, evokes the Dutch Master's work in Girl With a Pearl Earring.
  • Departments
    • The post process: Cinerama Adventure Gets a Collaborative
    • Finish.
    • Production Slate: A battle of Wills and a Brazen Act of Charity.
    • Short Takes: Hook, Line and Sinker.
    • Filmaker's Forum: Channeling Tokyo for the Lost in Translation.