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1993 / 11 — November Issue of American Cinematographer
1993 / 11 — November Issue of American Cinematographer

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  • Shooting for a Touchdown, L.A. Rams Kick off Season with theatrical Trailer
  • Negotiating New Avenues Via Short Cuts, Carver's Stories Combined Into Cinematic Collage
  • Fearless Explores Emotional Aftermath of Fateful Flight, Photography Conveys Anxiety of Crash Survivors
  • Capturing The Remains of The Day, Dramatizing a Pivotal Moment In Political History
  • Baraka: a World Beyond Worlds, Director-Cinematographer Creates Visual Tone Poem
  • Saboteur: Hitchcock Set Free, Master of Suspense Cuts to The Chase
  • Camera Duo Dances Two-Step on Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, Cinematographers Share Duties on offbeat Project
  • Reflections: Yves Angelo, French Cinematographer Evokes Old Master.