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1980 / 01 — January issue of American Cinematographer (digital)
1980 / 01 — January issue of American Cinematographer (digital)

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Product Code: 1980_01

This is a special digital reprint of this out-of-print issue of American Cinematographer.

Special coverage of The Black Hole
  • Behind the Scenes of The Black Hole
  • Designing a Deep Space World for The Black Hole
  • Photographing The Black Hole
  • The Producer Talks About The Black Hole
  • Two Years of Directing
  • Photographing Miniatures on a Massive Scale
  • Screen Magic from Snow White to The Black Hole
  • A Specially Effective Man
  • The Automatic Camera Effects System (ACES)
  • Disney's New MatteSCAN System
  • Making the Unreal Real with Matte Paintings
  • The SMPTE Designates New Fellows
  • "Pitching Lens" — A Unique and Versatile Optical Relay System

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