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Studio Television Production And Directing
Studio Television Production And Directing

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Price: $24.95

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Andrew Utterback

Learn how to direct television programs, understand complex directing tasks, and learn the fundamentals of studio production procedure in this back-to-basics guide to studio-based productions. Learn about lighting, set, camera operations, floor direction, technical direction, audio, tape, graphics, prompting, and assistant directing. As it's one of the most challenging types of programming, the live newscast is used to illuminate television producing and directing procedures for your newscast or other program genre. You'll soon be able to direct any type of studio-based program with ease.
1. Overview of Equipment and Positions: The Studio and The Control Room;
2. Audio Board & Video Switcher;
3. Lighting and Sets;
4. Studio Audio, Studio Cameras, Floor Directing, Talent;
5. Prompter, Graphics, DVE, Keying, Tape, Engineering;
6. Rundowns, Scripts, Fontsheets and Constructing the News -- Story Forms;
7. Live Shots, Microwave and Satellite Remotes;
8. Directing and Assistant Directing;
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    • Publisher: Focal Press
    • Page Count: 200
    • ISBN#: 978-0-240-80873-4