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Filmmakers and Financing — Business Plans for Independents 5th Ed.
Filmmakers and Financing — Business Plans for Independents 5th Ed.

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Louise Levison

The first, most crucial step in making a film is finding the funds to do it. Let Louise Levison, who wrote the innovative business plan for "The Blair Witch Project," show you how. Whether you're planning a feature, short, documentary, or large format film, this unique guide teaches you how to create a business plan that can be presented to a potential investor. In jargon-free terms, the author leads you through every step. Each chapter concentrates on a different section of the business plan, including the industry, marketing, financing, distribution. There are supplementary exercises and spreadsheets on the CD workbook so you get comfortable crunching the numbers--no math degree required!
The fifth edition contains completely revised and updated industry data, updated information on the market for short films, as well as a new chapter on nontraditional films such as documentaries.
Executive Summary; The Company; The Films; The Industry; The Markets and Marketing; The Markets Part 2: The Nontraditional Film; Distribution; Risk Factors; Financing; The Financial Plan; Sample Business Plan; Short Film Distribution
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    • Publisher: Focal Press
    • Page Count: 272
    • ISBN#: 978-0-240-80828-4