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Digital Filmmaking 101 — 2nd Edition
Digital Filmmaking 101 — 2nd Edition

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Price: $26.95

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Dale Newton and John Gaspard

America's top two gurus of low-budget independent filmmaking are back with the second edition of their popular best-seller.
From script to screen, every aspect of low-budget digital feature production is covered in this updated classic. This new edition provides additional detail on new business structures for the independent filmmaker, looks at camera and editing system options that are available for budgets as low as $8,000, examines new trends in film festivals and distribution, and provides a wealth of information for anyone who has the passion and the zeal to bring their cinematic dreams to life.
This book is filled with tips that are useful for anyone who wants produce a:
* Feature length digital movie
* Short for film festivals
* Mini-movie for YouTube and other film-friendly internet sites
Digital Filmmaking 101 is your all-bases-covered guide to producing and shooting your own digital video films. It covers both technical and creative advice, from keys to writing a good script to casting and location-securing to lighting and low-budget visual effects. Also includes detailed information about shooting with digital cameras and how to use this new technology to your full advantage.
As indie veterans who have produced and directed three successful independent films_Gaspard and Newton are masters at achieving high-quality results for amazingly low production cost. They'll show you how to turn your budget constraints to your creative advantage_and how to get the maximum mileage out of your production budget. You'll be amazed at the ways you can save money_and even get some things for free_without sacrificing any of the final product's quality.
Digital Filmmaking 101 reveals the secrets of making professional-quality digital moviemaking on ultra-low budgets:
This entertaining and informative book provides "street smart" advice on:
_ Digital video equipment, personal computers, and software for filmmakers
_ Scripting
_ Casting
_ Production
_ Distribution
_ Cost cutting techniques production techniques
_ Guerrilla filmmaking
_ Working the Film Festival circuit
_ Jump starting your film career
_ and much more_.
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    • Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
    • Page Count: 300+ pages
    • ISBN#: 1932907-23-8