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Total Directing
Total Directing

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Tom Kingdon

TOTAL DIRECTING is the first book to fully integrate the technical aspects of screen directing with practical methods for directing actors, deeply and carefully exploring how these two primary aspects of the director's craft work together.
Viewed from a perspective that seeks a balance successful work with actors and technically high-level production values, the complete directing process is discussed in detail from the start of script development through the delivery of a finished project covering every aspect of preparation and decision-making with solid background information, practical suggestions, and clear illustrations. Topics include:

project development
screenplay analysis
choosing and working with a production team
auditioning and casting
script preparation
using the language of acting
working with a set
understanding screen acting styles
conducting a rehearsal
blocking camera and actor moves
using improvisation
working with storyboards
the Hollywood continuity style
choosing camera shots and lighting
multi-camera directing
preparing for each day's shoot
editing and working with editors & much more.
Additional Info
    • Publisher: Silman-James Press
    • Page Count: 350 Pages
    • ISBN#: 1-879505-71-1